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What Do You Do After a Motorcycle Accident in Florida?


In Florida, motorcycle accidents are a common occurrence. If you have been involved in a Florida motorcycle accident, there are steps that you need to take right away to protect your rights as a motorcyclist to claim damages from the at-fault parties.

Motorcycle accident injuries can be severe and even fatal if proper care is not sought out immediately after the accident happens. The aftermath of a bike crash could leave you with serious injuries like head injuries or broken bones. You may also suffer from emotional trauma brought by the physical injuries you sustain.

The Soffer Firm Miami Personal Injury Attorneys will provide assistance for anyone who has been injured in a motorcycle crash in the state of Florida. We’ll give you legal advice on how we can help and answer any questions that you might have about filing insurance claims. We will also help in pursuing legal action against negligent drivers and other parties involved that cause your Florida motorcycle crash. We will give you a 100% free consultation!

Below are the things you should do after a motorcycle accident in Florida.

 1. You Need to Seek Medical Attention Immediately.

Motorcycle accidents are more likely to result in catastrophic injuries than other motor vehicle collisions. This is because motorcycle riders have little protection from the impact of a collision. Your priority right after your Florida motorcycle accident is to seek medical attention as quickly as possible to prevent any injuries you sustain from progressing.

Many motorcycle riders think that they don’t need urgent medical attention after their accident because their adrenaline can mask the pain of their injuries. Later will they realize how serious their injuries are when they start to feel the pain. So don’t feel confident that you feel nothing after the accident. Seeking medical attention immediately can save you!

 2. You Should Call 911.

You must call 911 immediately. If law enforcement has not arrived at the accident scene, call the authority so a police officer will be sent to the accident scene for investigation.

In order to determine what and who caused the collision, the police officer will gather statements from the parties involved and any eye-witnesses to obtain information.

3. You Need to Gather Evidence.

While waiting for the authority to arrive at the accident scene, you can take pictures or videos of the scene if you have a cellphone or camera. Pictures are more accurate and dependable than handwritten notes. Photographs assist police and insurance companies in determining who is at fault in an accident.

It is also crucial that you take pictures of the vehicle’s plate numbers, the vehicles involved, driver’s car insurance card, and driver’s license. These things can help your motorcycle accident lawyer build a strong case for your motorcycle accident.

4. You Need to Gather Information.


You should try to collect information as much as you can from the drivers, passengers, and witnesses while you wait for the cops to arrive. Get their names, contact information, addresses, and insurance information.

Insurance companies value witness testimonies highly since these are deemed as an unbiased account of what occurred during the accident.


5. You Need to Obtain Information From Witnesses.

Get the complete names, contact details, and house addresses of all individuals who witnessed the incident at the scene. If accident witnesses depart before the police arrive, you still have a record of their information, and you can use this later when you start processing your accident case.

As soon as the accident witnesses depart from the scene and the police arrive, the at-fault driver can and will alter their story. These witnesses offer an unbiased description of how the collision occurred that can be used by the police and insurance companies in order to determine liability.

6. You Should File an Insurance Claim.


The first step in receiving compensation for your damages is to file an insurance claim with your motorcycle insurance carrier. Even if you are not at fault, most insurance companies demand that you notify them of the accident.

After reporting the accident to them, your insurance company will send an investigator to determine liability and a claims adjuster to handle the claim process. While your insurance provider may appear to be on your side, keep in mind that their business is all about making money. Because of this, you must avoid giving any further information because they can use it against you to lower your insurance claim.

7. You Must Keep All Receipts, Bills, and Pay Stubs.

A motorcycle accident can result in significant doctor and medical expenses, lost wages, and physical injuries. You must show all economic losses as a direct result of the accident and your injuries in order to win a personal injury lawsuit. That is why you should keep track of your bills, receipts from the hospitals, and any other bills of your expenses.

Some motorcycle accident victims involved are badly hurt and must take time off from their jobs for a period of time, which leads to lost wages. So, the accident victim should provide proof of the income they received before the motorcycle accident happened.

8. You Should Refrain From Posting Anything on Social Media That Insurance Companies Can Use Against You.

Insurance companies are simply in the business of generating money, so be on the lookout for any attempts to undervalue your claim. With this, avoid social media until your motorcycle accident case is concluded. Investigators might misinterpret your images or messages that they can use to reduce your insurance claim. They might believe you just exaggerated a claim to receive more monetary compensation than you stated. They may also check your history for prior incidents to see if you were involved in another accident and claim that you were hurt as a result of another accident other than the one currently under investigation.

9. You Must Not Accept a First Settlement Offer.

After a motorcycle accident, the insurance company is certain that you need money right away, so they will entice you into early settlements to avoid paying what you are rightfully owed.

To be on the safe side, you should hire an experienced personal injury lawyer to handle each element of your case. The ideal motorcycle accident attorney will provide you with an honest evaluation of your situation and help you obtain the compensation necessary to cover all physical health expenditures as well as financial instability caused by your injuries from the motorcycle accident.

10. You Need to Hire a Florida Personal Injury Lawyer Who Specializes in Motorcycle Accidents.

If you were injured in a motorcycle accident that is not your fault, it is critical that you consult with a personal injury attorney who has handled similar motorcycle accident cases.

Unlike car collisions, the state of Florida does not require owners of motorcycles to have personal injury protection (PIP) insurance coverage. This implies that motorcycle riders in Florida usually have no motor vehicle insurance to pay their medical bills and expenses following a collision.

You’ll need an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer to ensure that your medical expenses are paid and that you get compensation from the at-fault driver for any additional damages you’ve sustained. A competent motorcycle accident lawyer will also assist in determining the types of damages you’re entitled to and the coverage options available so you can receive the fair compensation you deserve.

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