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If you’ve been in a truck accident, you’ll need the legal services of an experienced Miami Truck Accident Lawyer to help you receive the compensation and justice that you deserve.

When it comes to serious injuries like brain trauma or spinal cord injury, there is no such thing as too much money. You could end up with lifelong medical bills and other expenses that will cost hundreds of thousands of dollars over your lifetime.

We’re here to make sure that this unfortunate situation doesn’t happen to you by helping maximize the amount of compensation available for your case. Our firm has recovered millions in settlements and verdicts for our clients after car accidents, pedestrian accidents, motorcycle accidents, 18-wheeler crashes, and more throughout the City of Miami.


Do not waste time and get the legal help you need now! How many times have you found yourself saying, “If I had only done things differently that day, my loved one would still be here.” For the families of those killed in truck accidents, this is a common question. Most trucking companies focus on their bottom line and avoid all financial responsibility.

For years, the Soffer Law Firm in Miami has been representing victims of truck accidents. We’ll assist you in obtaining the compensation you deserve. At The Soffer Firm Personal Injury Attorneys, we have a long track record of success in cases involving personal injuries. Let our truck accident lawyers help you with your legal case.

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Miami truck accidents are some of the most serious cases we handle here at The Soffer Firm. We provide legal assistance to victims of truck accidents caused by the negligence or fault of truck drivers. These types of cases should be taken seriously as these involve injuries that affect the way of life of persons.

There are a large number of truck types. Because of the extensive development in South Florida, dump trucks can be found all around the region. These vehicles transport gravel, sand, or trash. Garbage trucks, delivery vans, and big 18-wheeler lorries are other sorts of trucks that may be seen on the road.

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Because of the weight and size of a truck, the chance of significant damage when it is involved in a collision is considerably higher than that seen between two typical automobiles. Truck accident victims, whether the truck driver or the drivers of small vehicles, should seek immediate medical attention. The nature and extent of the injuries will vary, depending on the facts and circumstances of the accident.

The following are the most frequent injuries sustained in truck accidents:

  1. Whiplash – Whiplash is a type of neck sprain. This injury occurs when a person experiences a very quick back and forth movement of the head, snapping the neck forward and backward. In most cases of whiplash, the muscles or tendons in the upper neck are injured by the sudden movements, causing pain to radiate down through the upper back.
  2. Head injuries – The head is frequently the point of impact in a truck accident, with victims often suffering from closed-head brain injuries. The severity of this type of damage varies significantly based on the victim’s tolerance for stress.
  3. Spinal cord injuries – This injury is unfortunate for most truck accident victims since this results in lifetime impairment of bodily functions. Paralysis is one of the possible results when spinal cord injuries are sustained during a collision.
  4. Lacerations and internal bleeding – Truck accidents frequently result in cuts, scrapes, and bruises for the victims. When organs are hit against the inside of the body’s frame during a collision, internal injuries are more likely to happen.
  5. Broken bones – Due to the high impact of truck accidents, considering the size of the trucks against the other vehicles involved, there is more likely that these accidents result in broken bones. In some cases, the bones may be broken because of the force of impact between the victim’s body and one or more surfaces within the truck.


Truck accidents are responsible for thousands of injuries and fatalities every year. It is important to learn how to avoid these accidents and be safe on the road. Preventing truck accidents entails learning of the causes. The most common causes of truck crashes include:

  1. Speeding – Some truck drivers are often guilty of exceeding the speed limit. This is a very dangerous practice since trucks are bulky and large. In addition, speeding increases the stopping distance for a truck by five times;
  2. Reckless driving – Sudden change of lanes, the non-use of signal lights, or engaging in road rage are some of the common manifestations of reckless driving. These behaviors are very dangerous because they may result in catastrophic accidents.
  3. Driving while intoxicated – Trucking accidents are more probable when truck drivers operate under the influence of alcoholic beverages. This starts with the initiative of trucking companies in instilling a sense of responsibility to their drivers.
  4. Fatigue of truck drivers – Truck drivers also cause accidents due to lack of sleep. It has been noted that truck accidents increase during the night shift. The need to stay awake by consuming caffeine and other stimulants, as well as driving long hours, often results in fatigue.
  5. Distracted driving – A truck driver might have to juggle several tasks while driving. These tasks, although important, could be distractions for a truck driver. For instance, taking phone calls and responding to texts are common among drivers. Cellular phones may be used but should only be done when parked.


Despite the impact of a truck accident and its resulting damages, the people involved in these incidents should know what to do immediately after such occurrence. A trucking accident is already unfortunate, so one must know how to further lessen its damages. The following are the things to do after a Miami truck accident:

  1. Call 911 – The first thing you need to consider is your health. Accidents and injuries almost always go hand in hand. If you have injuries, calling 911 will help ensure that you are being attended to first. Besides, this is the only way for authorities to be aware of the accident, and their presence would also mean lessening the chances of other accidents happening. It is important to stay calm in these instances to relay the relevant information regarding the truck accident.
  2. Seek Medical Treatment – Persons involved in Miami truck accidents should do this immediately. You might not feel anything at the moment but you never know what other symptoms will arise later due to the accident. Even if you feel fine, seek medical treatment immediately to be on the safe side. Treatment will also help you prove that the truck accident caused the injuries you sustained.
  3. Try to Record What Happened – Get as much information as possible. The slightest information may be crucial in a legal case, even if it seems unimportant. Thus, if you have a phone camera or video camera, use it to capture what occurred before and after the Miami truck accident. If feasible, get photos of the area as well.
  4. Get Witness Information – It’s important to keep this in mind. The more witnesses there are, the better since they’ll be able to provide you with evidence. Keep track of their phone numbers or anything else they may remember about the truck accident. Get the name of the trucking company and their contact information.
  5. Contact a Miami Truck Accident Lawyer – If you’re facing the prospect of significant medical bills, missed work, or other unanticipated consequences as a result of your accident, be sure to discuss your situation with a Miami truck accident attorney immediately. It’s critical to consult with an attorney immediately if you suffer economic damages as a result of a truck accident in Miami. When you have a legal representative on your side, you’ll have the best shot at getting the compensation you need to put your life back on track.

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Stay informed of your rights, especially after a trucking accident. You can file a lawsuit for your injuries and losses. The following are the damages available to a truck accident victim:

Economic Damages – This includes medical expenses and hospitalization, property damage, lost wages, and loss of earning capacity. It also covers future medical care.

Non-Economic Damages – This includes pain and suffering, permanent injury or disfigurement, disability, and loss of consortium.

Punitive Damages – The purpose of awarding punitive damages is to deter the truck driver from doing it again and to punish them for their malicious actions.


It will be harder and inconvenient to resolve a truck accident case without the help of a truck accident lawyer. As you recover from the injuries you sustained, it is important to have someone who will manage your affairs, negotiate with insurance companies and arrange settlements with other parties. Insurance companies are looking out for their interests, prioritizing them over yours. The truck accident lawyer also helps in determining the liability of the truck driver or the trucking company involved. An attorney who specializes in truck accidents will provide you with access to insight and information that will be more beneficial to you than any other source.


Miami truck accident attorneys know how to determine the liability of negligent or at-fault truck drivers. They are in charge of gathering sufficient evidence to prove negligent conduct and hold responsible the people who caused the truck accident.

An experienced truck accident attorney will show that a truck driver was careless by demonstrating that they were aware of a hazardous condition that caused harm or damage but failed to act in time to prevent it from happening.


It is important to go by the numbers to see how frequent truck accidents are, especially in Miami.

The Florida Highway Safety and Modern Vehicles (FLHSMV) provides the statistics regarding truck accidents. Of the 16,000 truck accidents in South Florida, 3,000 resulted in fatalities and injuries. FLHSMV provided the statistics based on the counties in the Miami area.

The highest number of casualties is in Miami-Dade, with over 21 deaths and 1,227 injuries in over three years. The second is in Broward County, where 892 were injured, and 13 died by reason of truck accidents. Palm County tallied 15 deaths and 720 injured persons for the years 2017 and 2018.


  • Our team of Miami truck accident attorneys has years of experience handling truck accidents in Miami. We recognize how serious these occurrences are and how to deal with them. We understand our clients and so, we approach each situation with the utmost care and diligence.
  • Aside from our experience, our truck accident attorneys focus on our clients and their needs.  As experts in this field, we make sure that our clients understand the situation fully. We work with truck accident victims and keep our line of communications open.
  • Lastly, our proven track record speaks for itself. We’ve helped several clients who were hurt in truck accidents get the compensation they deserved. There is no assurance of outcomes, but we make certain that high-quality legal services are delivered.


First, you’ll have to seek immediate medical attention by calling 911. This is important because this could save the lives of all involved in the accident.

Next is to gather information regarding the other vehicles, such as plate numbers, contact information, and names of the drivers. Do this only if possible.

Most importantly is to contact a Miami truck accident lawyer to make use of the available legal remedies and obtain compensation for the damages you incurred. In determining and securing damages, your attorney will assist you in every stage of the procedure.

If your truck is not blocking the road, then it is okay to not move your vehicle and leave it as it is until help comes. This is to establish what really happened and determine the liabilities of those involved.

If your truck is blocking traffic flow, you should take pictures first before deciding to move the truck. Do this only if possible and if you can. Immediately call your truck accident attorney to know the next important thing to do.

To establish liability, you will have to gather the necessary information from the people directly involved in the truck accident. The name of the truck driver, the trucking company or employer of the said driver, and the plate number of the vehicle are some of the most important things you should have.

If possible, get the contact details of the truck driver and the employer or trucking company as well. In case the other party seems to be less cooperative and refuses to give you that information, ask a police officer for help. The police report will have this necessary information.

This depends on several factors, such as the extent of the damages to the victim and to the property, the fault or negligence of the truck drivers as established, and the loss of life, limb, and property. Contact your truck accident attorney to receive legal advice regarding the fairness and availability of settlement.
Hire a truck accident attorney as soon as possible. Since there is a Statute of Limitation to consider and to ensure the cooperation of the party at fault, hiring an accident attorney is very important.
There are several state and federal laws and regulations that impact the trucking industry, including who is allowed to drive a commercial vehicle and how long a driver can work without taking a break. As a consequence, any allegation regarding a tractor-trailer accident must be investigated to determine whether any of these limits were violated.
In most truck accidents, there are several liable parties, such as the truck driver, the trucking company, or the employer of the driver and the manufacturer of the truck. The fault or negligence should be correlated to the accident to establish liability.
The police would file a report if they found debris in the street after an accident. Debris may be found, collected, and turned over to the authorities if necessary. If you discover anything, do not touch it. If you think a police report will be required, photographs of all pieces are an excellent idea.


Immediately contact an experienced and expert Miami truck accident attorney today. Call us at (786)788-7344 and avail of our free consultation. We also work on a contingency fee basis, which means you pay nothing at all unless we recover compensation for you. We are The Soffer Firm Miami Personal Injury Attorneys, the name you can trust!