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A car accident is something that most people will never want to experience, but unfortunately, it happens all the time. After all, one cannot control how others drive.

You’ve got to worry about so many things when you’re involved in a car accident. You’ll need an auto insurance claim from reputable insurance companies. But your first concern should be getting medical treatment for any injuries you may have sustained.

The Soffer Firm Miami Personal Injury Attorneys has been helping car accident victims with their injury claims since 2013. We’ve helped clients get the compensation they deserve after suffering from both minor and severe injuries due to another driver’s negligence on the roadways. Our experienced car accident lawyers make sure you are taken care of through each step of the process until you get the justice you deserve!

We will work closely with you to ensure that your interests are protected and that you get the maximum compensation you need for your injuries. If you would like to know more about how we can help, keep reading below!


If you or your loved ones have recently been involved and seriously injured in a car accident, you may be entitled to compensation. Contact a Miami personal injury car accident lawyer at The Soffer Firm Miami Personal Injury Attorneys at (786) 723-8801 to learn about how we can help you get a maximum, fair settlement or financial compensation. We offer a 100% free initial consultation and free case evaluation. We work with our clients on a contingency fee basis, that is to say, you pay nothing unless we recover compensation for you.

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The Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (FLHSMVs) publishes an updated annual report regarding car accident statistics. The number of fatalities and persons injured in automobile accidents is increased by the following factors: intoxication, seatbelt use, and the time of day when they occur. The reports also list how many car accidents occurred in each county, making it possible to create a visual map of Florida’s most accidents.

Miami-Dade County, Florida had the most traffic collisions in 2017, with more than 65,986 incidents reported and an average of about 180 accidents each day. There were 21,452 injury collisions resulting in 32,215 total injuries. Two hundred seventy-seven fatal crashes resulted in 289 fatalities among them. Commercial vehicle accidents numbered 8,841. 343 were alcohol confirmed cases that resulted in 11 fatalities and 178 car accident injuries in 2017 alone for Miami-Dade county. Pedestrian injuries amounted to as many as 1,357.

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Intersections in Miami are some of the most hazardous in the country. Every year, the following intersections record the most car accidents:

NW 27th Avenue and 7th Street is not only a notorious intersection for traffic accidents in Miami, but it’s also one of the city’s most dangerous. The intersection is one of the most heavily trafficked in Miami because of the famous American Airlines Arena, home to the Miami Heat of the NBA and nearby I-95.

In the early 2000s, this junction was dubbed “the most hazardous in the nation” because of an exceptionally high number of pedestrian fatalities. This is because it is where an 8-lane highway meets a 6-lane highway. Despite Miami-Dade County’s attempts to make the junction safer, it remains one of Florida’s most deadly.

The Bucknell bridge is clogged by traffic every year, and boats block the roadways for hours at a time. People become agitated and aggressive as they struggle to get on I-95, especially when they’re fighting to reach it, which leads to fatal collisions. Miami has given the green light for a tunnel to be built to make it safer.

  • Dade Blvd and Alton Road in South Beach

The intersection of Dade Boulevard and Alton Road, where flooding occurs frequently, is one of Miami’s most perplexing and hazardous. Pedestrians who are not cautious and watchful around drivers may be harmed in collisions with enraged or distracted pedestrians and other automobiles competing for space on the road.

  • 36th Street and NW 8th Street

When roads have numerous lanes, maneuvering an intersection becomes more difficult. This is an intersection where a 6-lane highway meets an 8-lane highway. Crossroads are clogged with numerous vehicles, making it impossible for drivers to navigate them safely. Heavy traffic, which can lead to multiple backups in several directions, is frequently linked with driver aggressiveness and intolerance, resulting in more accidents.


Car accidents in Miami can cause bodily, emotional, and mental harm and significant property damage. Collisions may inflict a lot of damage on cars and property in the vicinity. In over 90% of cases, vehicle incidents in Miami result in more than $1,000 in property damage. Common causes of accidents include but are not limited to:

Distracted Driving

Simply put, distracted driving is when someone is so involved in a task like eating, texting, reaching for an object under the seat, and so on that, they neglect to pay attention to the road. This often results in car crash accidents that can cause serious, permanent injuries or even death.

Speeding and Running Red Lights

When drivers choose to speed, they increase the risk of a fatal accident occurring. The faster you drive, the less time you have to react should something go wrong on the road ahead. Additionally, speeding and other reckless driving habits can give rise to drivers failing to stop for a red light or stop sign.

Drunk Driving

In 2017, 178 people were severely injured in Miami due to drunk drivers. Every year, the number of fatalities increases since many people continue to drink and drive despite safety measures that are in place. Everyone must understand the dangers of driving under the influence so they can avoid them at all costs.

Reckless Driving

When a motorist fails to obey traffic regulations, it’s known as a “negligent” driver. This can include going through red lights, speeding in congested areas, and failing to give way for pedestrians at intersections. Drivers must be cautious while driving because their actions may harm or incur the death of other road users. Some other kinds of reckless or aggressive driving include tailgating, speeding, cutting people off at intersections, and not giving way to other vehicles are examples of this. One can consider this as a human error, but ignorance of the law excuses no one. These actions may result in accidents as a result of dangerous driving.


Car accident injuries range from minor injuries to life-threatening, permanent injuries. Unfortunately, most car accidents in Miami result in serious personal injury or even death. The following are some of the most common catastrophic injuries in car accidents:

Injuries from a car accident can include:

• Whiplash

• Broken bones

• Lacerations, contusions, and bruising to the skin

• Brain injury

• Paralysis or loss of motion in arms or legs

• Internal bleeding

• Neck injuries

Short-term effects of a car accident injury may include:

• Headaches

• Nausea or vomiting

• Pain in muscles, bones, and ligaments

• Difficulty sleeping

Long-term effects of car accidents may include:

• Chronic pain syndrome

• Depression

• Anxiety

• Loss of memory or other neurological conditions that cause you to have trouble concentrating or remembering things.

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  1. If there is any damage to your car, make sure to get pictures of it immediately after the accident or while the car is still at the scene of the crash.
  2. Ask for medical attention if you experience pains and aches. Seek immediate medical attention if your ribs are hurting, or you have trouble breathing. Getting checked out by a doctor is important, especially if you do not immediately feel any pain after the accident.
  3. Call 911 immediately to report the accident and call the police if necessary. You must notify the authorities after a vehicle accident, as this is required in most jurisdictions. A police report may help the insurance companies establish who is to blame, and it serves as a method for you to be reimbursed for any medical bills if the collision was caused by someone else.
  4. Gather evidence. Take pictures of the accident scene, and get witness statements. If you can, take down the other driver’s information, including their insurance information.
  5. Contact a car accident attorney. If you live in or stay temporarily in Miami, it is vital to call an experienced Miami car crash lawyer. This is so that you can be guided on what to do next after the accident, especially concerning your insurance claim. At the scene of a vehicle accident, avoid discussing responsibility. Talk about this in a secure place with a Miami car crash attorney after you’ve spoken with your attorney. In the meantime, you have more time to discuss things with your attorney and address any immediate concerns.


The Miami car accident laws are not substantially different from the rest of Florida’s car accident laws. As a result, your rights and responsibilities will be comparable to those in a vehicle accident in any other part of the state. If you did not have health insurance or any other form of coverage to compensate you in the case of an accident, you would not be able to sue for damages under Miami Car Accident Laws. For this reason, you must have liability insurance to ensure that you will be protected, whatever the circumstances are.

The terms of the Miami Auto Insurance Law also state that if you are in any way responsible for an accident, even just one percent responsible, your insurance claim will cover up to the total amount of car accident claims minus your percentage of responsibility. As a result, it’s critical to contact a Miami Car Accident Lawyer as soon as possible to have better chances to recover compensation.

Miami car accident laws also provide that you are not allowed to make any claims if you were intoxicated, under the influence of drugs, or other intoxicating substances at the time of an accident. You will also be barred from making a claim in relation to any type of car accident that occurred during organized public racing events.


As far as who is responsible for a car accident, the legal system strives to find out what really happened. This process of figuring out who is at fault can be time-consuming and expensive. It also does not always provide a clear answer, especially in situations where there are multiple drivers or complex details behind a crash. One of the reasons for these factors is that car accident victims have a higher burden of proof in many cases. This means that they must provide adequate evidence to prove their case before they can expect to be compensated for any injuries or losses caused by a collision. In order to get appropriate compensation, it is up to the victim, not the defendant, to provide enough evidence to prove fault. The defendant’s responsibility is to provide evidence that shows why the victim should not be compensated.

This can mean that victims must navigate a complicated legal system with numerous roadblocks along the way. With help from Miami car accident lawyers, they may have more success in receiving compensation for damages related to an injury or fatality. For example, if someone was injured in a multi-vehicle collision that occurred due to heavy rain and slick roads, the victim could be responsible for proving negligence on the part of other drivers. If there is no clear evidence (e.g., photos, reliable witness statements) that another driver was negligent because of the weather, it can be difficult for a victim to prove fault.


In Florida, personal injury claims, such as vehicular injuries, are governed by statute. As a result, your Miami car accident case will be decided under Chapter 768.81 of the Florida statutes. This is Florida’s comparative fault law. A Miami car injury lawyer is aware of this and should thus be consulted immediately. Here are the two most essential things that all vehicle accident victims should know about this legal standard:

1. Car Accident Victims Must Prove Negligence

Car accident victims must prove that the said accident was the fault of another person. This person is called the “negligent party.” Car accident victims are not required to prove that negligence was committed on purpose or with malicious intent. The legal standard of proof in car accident cases is typically what’s known as a preponderance of the evidence. Basically, it means that if an average judge or jury were to weigh the evidence, the negligent party would be more than 51% at fault.

2. Car Accident Victims Can Recover Damages Even If At Fault

Partial comparative fault is most commonly known as “comparative negligence.” This is a legal rule used in some states that reduces the number of accident victims’ damages by a percentage equal to their level of fault. In Florida, car accident victims who are found to share comparative negligence with the negligent party only have their damages reduced by their pro-rata share. This means that if an accident victim is found to be 10% at fault for the accident, they will only recover 90% of their damages.

It is critical that accident victims in Miami have all of the information necessary to make an informed decision. After a car accident, hiring a Miami car accident attorney is recommended for all victims.


What kind of compensation can you recover if you’ve suffered an injury in a car accident? There are three kinds of damages that individuals who suffer car accidents in Miami may qualify for. These include economic damages, non-economic damages, and exemplary damages.

Economic damages are defined as those losses which can be measured with some degree of certainty. Economic damage claims typically include the cost of medical bills, property damage, lost wages or income, and loss of future earning capacity. Non-economic damages define losses that are not easily measured with precise clarity. These claims include physical pain and suffering, emotional distress, sexual dysfunction, or disfigurement. When an individual suffers injuries in a car accident, they may receive compensation for both economic and non-economic damages to compensate for the costs involved with their injury.

Punitive damages, also called “exemplary damages,” are not actually defined as damages under the law. Rather, punitive damages are intended to punish a defendant for particularly contemptible behavior that harms many people.


Taking legal action against those at fault for car accidents is a difficult process – but with the help of a professional Miami car accident lawyer, it will be possible. To better your chances of winning your case, you should hire an auto accident lawyer as soon as possible after the car accident occurs. It’s simpler for a Miami car accident injury attorney to establish negligence on behalf of another driver if they’ve been representing you from the start. If you wait too long to file an injury claim, it might be tough.

Most of the time, you must hire a Miami car accident lawyer to ensure that your auto accident claims is taken care of as quickly as possible. The experienced attorney can also help you determine who is responsible for the accident and prepare all necessary paperwork to ensure that no delays occur in the compensation procedure.

Our Miami, Florida personal injury law firm can assist you with either a minor automobile accident or devastating car crashes. Car accident lawyers have extensive experience dealing with insurance companies, and we understand how to work within the system to ensure you receive the maximum compensation possible for your injuries.


Professionalism, Expertise, & Experience

  • We provide professional legal services to our clients. Our Miami car accident lawyer has the expertise and experience to handle all types of vehicle accidents.
  • Our experienced car accident attorney has represented thousands of clients.
  • Our firm has an excellent track record of success, including being named one of the top car accident law firms in Miami.
  • We can help you get compensation for your injuries, pain and suffering, medical bills, lost wages, loss of future earnings, permanent disability/ disfigurement, property damage (including vehicles), and more.
  • We understand that being involved in a car accident is stressful. We do everything we can to make sure you receive the best legal advice and representation possible.


Know the facts of your case and make intelligent decisions in a dire situation. If you are involved in a car accident, know the answers to these questions or avail of our free consultation.
If you’re injured in a car accident, then it might be as simple as filing an insurance claim to get the treatment and money that you need. If your injuries are severe, or if there is a possibility of monetary recovery through a lawsuit, hiring a car accident lawyer may be necessary at some point during the process. Free yourself from the additional stress of dealing with insurance companies by consulting a personal injury lawyer today. Car accidents occur before you know it, so be prepared and know your rights.

In general, insurance companies want policyholders to report a collision as soon as possible. Some insurers may set deadlines for reporting a crash, such as 24 hours after it happens. However, this deadline is only for reporting the accident and not claiming compensation for injuries or property damage. As soon as possible, insurance companies may ask for comprehensive information about the accident.


There are various things to consider in determining if you should pursue compensation. If you were injured severely, you should contact an accident attorney in Miami as soon as possible. It’s preferable to have someone on your side of the table who understands how Miami’s legal system works when dealing with hospitals and insurance firms.
Although only a small number of these instances go to court, it is vital to understand the deadlines that must be adhered to if you wish to bring a personal injury claim against an automobile accident. The statute of limitations for personal injury claims in Florida, including car accident claims, is four years.
This can be determined based on many factors. However, it is important not to jump into accepting an offer too quickly. You may be surprised at how much your case can be worth after all the evidence has been gathered. Some factors to consider are who is at fault and why, the number of financial resources of the at-fault party, available insurance, whether the injury victim will make a complete recovery, and how the harms and losses will affect an injury victim over their lifetime.
Clients frequently ask about how long their case will take to resolve. There are a number of variables that influence the length of time a lawsuit takes to finish. But in the average injury case, an experienced car accident personal injury lawyer takes less than one year. Many cases settle without ever going to trial, so your vehicle accident lawyer may be able to offer you a good estimate based on the strength of your case. If the settlement is not an option and the case goes to trial, this can take several months or more than one year.


Everyone knows that car crashes are one of the leading causes of fatalities in America, but what you might not know is that many auto accidents can be prevented. Car accident lawyers work with drivers and passengers to help them understand which behaviors cause collisions and how they can avoid these situations in order to live a safer life on the road.

A car accident lawyer can offer helpful insight into many forms of vehicular accidents. We want to assist you in recovering compensation after a car accident.

Car accident attorneys work closely with those who have been injured or killed as a result of an accident to help them rebuild their lives. If you’ve been involved in a car accident, call us now at (786) 723-8801 or via email at for a free consultation from our top-rated Miami car accident lawyer. We provide skilled and excellent legal representation!