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What You Should Look for in a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer


Motorcycle accidents are more common than we thought. More often than not, the result these accidents bring are catastrophic.

Victims think that the person who injured them will shoulder their medical bills. Unfortunately, it's not always the case.

The defendant will try to fight their way out of taking the liability for your injuries in most cases. They will do this by employing the help of motorcycle accident attorneys. And you should do the same as well!

Seeking the legal help of an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer can level the playing field. At The Soffer Firm, our personal injury lawyer has both the experience and knowledge that helped numerous clients meet the justice they deserve. But, what should you look for in a motorcycle accident attorney?

Check the Law Firm’s Website for Client’s Testimonials and Reviews

You must first check the law firm's website. It's crucial that you know if the lawyer's service meets your standards. Do they have a section that showcases testimonials and reviews of their previous clients? If they do, read through them.

Many clients are willing to share their experiences with the law firm they worked with. Most clients praise an excellent law firm and shun the bad ones. A reputable law firm will have an abundance of positive reviews. If the law firm you're looking into doesn't have any or very few reviews, it might be best to move on.

Take Into Account a Lawyer’s Years of Experience


The more years a motorcycle accident attorney has been practicing, the better and the more experienced he is. In most cases, this means that they have handled hundreds of similar cases in the past. They have a deeper understanding of approaching your case to ensure success.

Hiring a motorcycle lawyer who lacks experience may cause problems down the road. You might not get your desired outcome or settlement from your claim, for starters. You also run the risk of being neglected by an inexperienced law firm as there are other clients out there for them to handle.

Though having long years of experience is advantageous, it's not always enough. You must also check if the personal injury lawyer you're checking has a good track record. Having many years of experience but a bad record is a major red flag.

You Can Look for Positive Peer Reviews

A law firm's website does not have a peer review section in some cases. You can check if they have any positive peer reviews on other legal websites. There are also awards and recognitions given to lawyers who received numerous good reviews from their peers. Make sure you watch out for that when checking a lawyer's website.

Law firms that are good at what they do will have worked with other successful lawyers in the past. This usually means that these law firms offer quality services and a high level of expertise in motorcycle accidents. Moreover, most peer reviews went through a thorough selection process. Motorcycle accident lawyers will not risk their professional reputation by recommending a subpar attorney.

You Can Look for a Lawyer’s Awards or Career Accolades

Another way to check if a personal injury lawyer is good at what they do is by looking for awards and accolades. Awards and accolades are proof of a lawyer's professional excellence. If you see any, take note of it as it can indicate the company's excellent service.

The number of awards and accolades will also show that the law firm has provided quality services for many years now. You must also assess the personal injury attorney's background and career history.

Moreover, you can expect top-notch legal advice from a multi-awarded lawyer. You can easily find this section on a lawyer's website or another legal website like Avvo. You must watch out for the source to ensure accuracy. Not all organizations that give these awards are credible.

Suppose you're unable to find any awards or accolades. In that case, you can also check if the motorcycle accident attorney has received commendations from his peers and other industry members. Many lawyers will list any accomplishments they made throughout their years of service. They will include the commendations they received from other lawyers.

You Can Check if a Lawyer Has Access to Resources

It's ideal to have a lawyer who has access to resources. This means that the law firm can invest in the necessary tools and technology needed to win your case. They must also have a team of investigators, accident deconstructionists, and other legal experts.

You must ask about a law firm's resources as this will give you an idea of how serious they are in taking on your case. You need to make sure that you're working with a law firm willing and capable of helping you win your case.

If you're sourcing for legal representation after a motorcycle accident, make sure you look for these qualities in a lawyer. Most motorcycle accident lawyers will have many years of experience, positive peer reviews, awards and accolades, and access to resources.

You're more likely to meet the outcome you desire if you work with such an attorney.

Your Prospective Lawyer Should Be Responsive

The best motorcycle accident lawyer must be responsive. This means that they will reply to your messages and emails on time. They should also address any concerns you have at the soonest possible time.

A good motorcycle lawyer will outline the entire defense strategy for you. Moreover, they will be able to explain your case in a way that makes sense. Timeliness and clarity in explanation is a hallmark of a great motorcycle lawyer.

Most personal injury attorneys or law firms will answer your phone calls, even if it's outside of their working schedule. You can check if your lawyer offers a 24-hour call service. Some law firms have a dedicated client support team that takes phone calls 24 hours every day.

You Should Take Into Account a Lawyer’s Experience in the Courtroom


The lawyer you choose must have experience in the courtroom and with motorcycles. Every personal injury case is unique and requires a different strategy. The best motorcycle accident attorney will have dealt with many cases like yours in the past.

You have a higher chance to win your case if you have an attorney knowledgeable about personal injury laws. They must also have courtroom experience. This will give you an advantage when negotiating a settlement with the insurance company.

They will know what needs to be done to get you the best possible outcome. The Soffer Firm can help you handle your legal requests after a motorcycle accident.

You Should Look for Indications of Remarkable Client Service

The right motorcycle accident lawyer will dedicate sufficient time to your case. They will meet with you and go through the details of the accident. They will also ask about your medical condition and how the accident has impacted your life.

Some lawyers even offer free consultations so that you can get to know them better. It would be best to inquire how much time the lawyer plans to devote to your case. A motorcycle accident lawyer who cares for your case will not cut you short and give your case the time needed.

The best motorcycle accident lawyer will always go the extra mile for their clients. They will provide remarkable client service. This includes being available when you need them.

In addition, they will also respond to your messages and emails promptly. They can also explain your case in a way that you can understand.

Your Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Should Have a Clear, Customized Strategy

Your prospective motorcycle accident lawyer should be able to outline a well-written and precise case strategy for you. Excellent personal injury lawyers will set realistic and attainable expectations.

They must also explain your case in a way that makes sense. Your attorney's communication skills can help win you over as a client. So it is best to look for someone with excellent communication skills. You can check if their explanation of your case is precise and easy to understand by reading client reviews.

Questions You Can Ask During an Initial Consultation With a Lawyer


You can ask your prospective motorcycle accident lawyer about their fees during your initial consultation. You should also inquire if they offer a free legal consultation for you. Ask them how long they will be handling your case and if they think it is possible to settle with the defendant quickly.

It would be best to inquire whether the lawyer has handled cases similar to yours in the past. This will help you set an expectation from your attorney's defense strategy. They are well aware of the damages that may result from a motorcycle accident, so it would be best to check out their page on motorcycle injuries.

It will help if your lawyer has profound knowledge of personal injury laws. They should be knowledgeable about all the laws related to motorcycle accidents. A good lawyer will also know how to find the proper evidence, witnesses, and details about your case.

Have you handled many cases like mine?

Suppose you're looking for legal representation after a motorcycle accident. In that case, it's crucial to find an attorney who specializes in these types of cases. A motorcycle accident lawyer will have the experience and knowledge necessary to get you the best possible outcome.

The Soffer Firm has years of experience representing clients involved in motorcycle accidents. We can help you through every step of the legal process.

A good motorcycle accident lawyer can give you a clear defense strategy for your case. Suppose they have experience working with other motorcycle accident victims in the past. In that case, your motorcycle accident lawyer can give you a clear idea of what to expect in your case.

Moreover, they can also give you a realistic timeframe when you can expect your case to be resolved. Your selected lawyer needs to have experience handling motorcycle accident injuries in the past. This is one of the most vital questions you should ask your lawyer during the initial consultation.

How many motorcycle accident cases have you handled personally?

A personal injury lawyer who has a lot of experience with motorcycle accidents can be a valuable asset in your case. They'll know what to do to help you get the best possible outcome.

It's crucial to find a motorcycle accident lawyer specializing in personal injury law. A motorcycle accident case requires an attorney with experience dealing with these cases.

At The Soffer Firm, we have years of experience representing clients involved in motorcycle accidents. We know how to get you the best results possible. We can provide you with a detailed explanation of what to expect during every step of the legal process.

What is my motorcycle accident case worth?

Personal injury lawyers will often give you a free consultation to discuss your motorcycle accident claims. During this consultation, they will provide an estimate of what your case is worth. They will assess the damages you receive and assign an estimated value from them.

Be sure to ask your motorcycle accident lawyer any other questions you may have about your motorcycle accident claim. A good lawyer can give you a concise answer and realistic expectations when it comes to your claim.

The Soffer Firm offers free consultations for clients involved in motorcycle accidents. We can help you understand the damages you may be eligible to receive.

How long will my case take?

Many personal injury lawyers give their clients a free consultation to discuss the details of their case. During this consultation, they will give you an idea of how long your case may take.

Multiple reasons can affect the length of your case. This could include the severity of your injuries, the amount of evidence available, and whether or not the defendant is willing to negotiate a settlement.

Your lawyer should also be able to provide you with an estimate on how long it will take for them to resolve your case.

The Soffer Firm knows how to get you the best results on time. We have years of experience representing clients involved in motorcycle accidents. We'll work diligently to get you the compensation you deserve.

Were you able to successfully settle motorcycle accident cases outside of court?

It's crucial to find a motorcycle accident lawyer who has experience resolving cases outside of court. A personal injury attorney with no out-of-court experience can drastically hurt your case. They know how to negotiate with insurance companies to give you just compensation.

You want an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer who is confident and capable inside and outside the courtroom. They need to be familiar with every aspect of your motorcycle accident claim. This must include how the accident started and any injuries you've sustained.

Find a skilled legal professional who knows how to get you the results you deserve. Our personal injury lawyer at The Soffer Firm has been servicing clients since 2013. Our trial lawyer knows what it takes to get you the justice you deserve.

Will you handle my motorcycle accident case if it has to go to court?

Some personal injury lawyers choose to hand off cases that have to go to court. This can be a significant problem for you. You must employ a motorcycle accident lawyer who can stand up with you if your case needs to go through court.

You want a motorcycle accident attorney wholly committed to helping you get the best possible outcome for your motorcycle accident case. They should be willing to handle your case from start to finish.

If you're looking for legal representation after a motorcycle accident, it's essential to ask your lawyer a few questions. Your chosen lawyer must be able to provide you with clear answers and realistic expectations when it comes to your claim. Moreover, they can tell you from the start if they will represent you in the court, if necessary.

At The Soffer Firm, we are fully dedicated to our clients and their cases. We'll handle every aspect of your motorcycle accident claim, so you don't have to worry about anything.

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Choosing the best motorcycle accident lawyer is critical for every motorcycle accident case. After reading this article, you will be able to make a rational decision when deciding on a personal injury lawyer who will handle your case.

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