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Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

Florida has a significantly large senior population & an equally large number of care facilities and nursing homes for seniors who are unable to look after themselves. It can be very stressful to entrust the care of an elderly family member, to a nursing home. This is especially true if you reside in another state & can’t be there to keep an eye for signs of abuse. If a family member suffers any kind of serious injury/premature death on account of neglect/abuse, it is very tragic.

A Strong Track Record

You have the right to legally hold these negligent parties accountable for the lapse; however you will also need the services of an experienced Miami Beach lawyer to handle the nursing home abuse case for you. The Soffer Firm’s experienced trial lawyers will be able to help you secure compensation that you need to pay the medical bills as well as for the pain & suffering your loved one goes through. We have a very strong record of negotiated settlements as well as verdicts in nursing home abuse cases.

Thorough Investigation

But these cases have to be looked at in great detail and an injury/death while a person in a nursing home is not always an indication of abuse or neglect. Our excellent Miami Beach Lawyer will thoroughly investigate all the circumstances that surround the injury. This, in combination with our deep knowledge about the laws in the state helps us determine whether any kind of abuse took place.

You will find our attorneys to be very methodical, sensitive and understanding; we know the amount of trauma & guilt that families go through when a loved one is abused in a nursing home. For excellent legal help, call The Soffer Firm on 305 417 9596 and we will guide you through all the processes and modalities of filing a nursing home abuse case.
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